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Saving the planet isn't a slogan for kids to only use in school.  It's everyone's concern.  We need to look to our future, to the future of our children, to the future of our children's children and do what we know is right and stop making bad choices when it comes to how we fuel our homes, our cars, our factories.  We have to work hard to make up for too many years of global neglect, and start thinking about a Green Fuel Planet

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The emphasis today is on Greener fuel, fuels that do't pollute our atmosphere, fuels that are renewable and fuels that are user friendly. Hydrogen fuel cells may be an up and coming player in the green fuel game, but as of yet the technology has't stepped up to the plate with a hit yet, while fuels such as Soy Bio Diesel and Ethanol have gone into production on a wide scale and are building a patronage with some in its utilization.


Corn Prices have more than doubled in the last couple of years, due largely to the production of ethanol fuel that we burn in our cars. A large portion of Farm ground that once produced corn as a food crop now produce that very same corn as a fuel sources. This issue continues to be hotly debated as to whether or not Ethanol fuel is actually helping in our struggle to become Green fuel oriented. This use of corn for fuel production as caused the price of food in the store to rise and our grain export to countries in need of food crops to drop.


Many Cities and towns have jumped on the green fuel band wagon with a resounding hooray. They have seen the light; in that they have begun to install solar powered street lights. These new lights are 100% green fueled by solar power and save local municipalities the cost of electricity for lighting. These lights can maintain effective lighting for as long as 12 hours at a time between charges. A one day charging may allow the light to be used for 3 to 7 days depending on configuration and model.


New generation solar panels installed on your roof or southern exposures can really make a big difference in your electric costs. With the right system of solar panels and a battery storage system, you could actually be selling electricity back to the power company, and by law they have to buy it. Wow how cool would it be to actually see your electric meter spinning backwards for a change?


So how can you green up your utility bill? Simple things that we all know can help a lot. Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Wash your cloths in cold water when possible. Open the drapes or shades during the daylight hours instead of using the lights. Turning the thermostat down just 4 degrees can save you 10% on your heating bill in the winter time. Install Low E glass windows to save even more on heating and cooling costs. Install new high efficiency appliances to see save even more on gas, electricity and water.


It has long been know that windmills were a useful tool, but new wind turbines have taken the windmill concept to a whole new level. Power companies across the country and around the world are rushing to put large scale electrical generating plants consisting of numerous wind turbines into use. The energy they produce is 100% Green Fuel. Electricity generated from wind power by these huge Wind turbines usually costs less per Kilowatt then other traditional methods of production helping keep costs to consumers down.


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